Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, July 14

It was a nice day today and it was not hot as the day we arrived. I did not sleep to well but I was ready to work. When we were sent of to our places to work. I was happy to help out these lovely elderly people named Cliff and Netty. From the story Tom Blackeagle told us about low income. I thought they would earn minimum wage but I was wrong these people only receive about $125 a MONTH and I thought that was bad compared to my aunt and uncle that just came to America for a minimum wage job. When we were done I thought we can help out the old couple for a better home.
Vince N.
Volunteer Chore Services (White Swan)

Today was our first day on the site. We were working on a site out in White Swan. The scenery is beautiful with all the orchards and the colors. The owners of the house are Cliff and Neddy. They have two cute, but shy dogs named Cheech and Chong. For lunch we went to Fort Simco Park where we met with Tom Black Eagle, who gave us some great information on the history of the reservation. Today’s work mostly consisted of cleaning the walls so we could paint them tomorrow. This is going to be a fun week. I have an awesome team who is filled with great conversation.
Sarah C.
Volunteer Chore Services (White Swan)

The dinner was amazing! Alfredo… perfect! The first day at our work sites went well. Benny and I scrubbed the entire outside walls of a house, so we could begin painting. I was looking forward to meeting the homeowner, but sadly, she is in the hospital due to cancer. Our prayers are with her, and we hope she becomes well. We pray that she can return to her newly painted home soon in good health. I’m excited to finish painting tomorrow and possibly start a new project. I love helping the elderly improve their homes. They are such sweet people, and it is so fun getting to know them.

Katie A.
Volunteer Chore Services

Today was the first day that we helped with Northwest Harvest and my expectations of the day were over-exaggerated. . At the end of the day we learned a lot about the people that we are working for. Today we packed applesauce, lots and lots of applesauce. I am very interested in who and what type of people come to a food bank. The woman who is in charge told us, “The economy is getting so some people are coming to these places for the first time in their lives.” I want to do the biggest part I can to make it feel as comfortable as possible with the teens and adults around me doing the things I am!
Morgan B
Northwest Harvest

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