Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thursday, July 26th, 2013

It’s my second time being involved with the parish’s activity and so far it is one of the best summers I’ve experienced so far. However my first impression of Yakima Mission was far different from what I’m experiencing right now and I’m glad I came instead of backing out. St. Stephen community has given me their greatest respect and kindness overall regardless of my religious opinion. I never worked with home or ever yet touched these types of tools. From this mission, I learned how to work with tools that I never ever touched in my life, work well with my life, and appreciate my life. I also learned to not be judgmental, work in horrible condition place (I hate to be dirty) and be more polite to others. Again I’m glad I decided to do Yakima Mission, because it’s one of my best experience I’ve ever experience. I’m glad I’m helping others and I’m glad I’m representing St. Stephen. I can’t wait to do Yakima Mission next year, the week is going by fast.
- John Nguyen 7/25/2013
This is my second time being on mission since last year. I've found going on mission that I love helping people and I love to be able to see the happiness in others eyes when we go out and fix their house. This week I've been working on this ladies house that needed a lot of things done such as a new ceiling in 2 rooms and a lot of painting and patching up holes but it’s been a lot of fun getting to know her and her family. She has two sons with some mental disabilities, and on the second day one of them came up and offered us some burritos which was so nice of him! I loved getting to know her and hear all her stories that she had to tell us. One day during our lunch father Ed came and ate with Leona and all of our gang. I was great having him there. But it was also great for Leona as well because there was finally someone there to talk to her because we were all busy working on her house. Leona is one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met, she is loving and she always puts people before her. For the past couple days we have been making her a sandwich and some fruit for her for lunch so she can eat with us and enjoy the company. It is so nice to get away and be able to help the people in need who are truly in need and not just people scamming you, I loved being able to come down here and see the smile on others faces when you are there out of the kindness of your heart to help them out. I am ecstatic about coming back next year for my last and finally year of mission, and I cant wait to see all the faces on people when we are there helping them! Mission 2014 come faster please!
-- Natalie Ledvina 7/25/13

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It was a pretty experiencing day; we got to meet kids that got orphaned at a foster home. It was really great meeting them because they were polite and really excited to watch us do what we came to do. Today I also really bonded with my group it was quiet for a while then we started to talk and we took off from there. The women that lived at the home we were working at was a great role model to the kids because she really just took in the children and started to take care of them for a mom that is graduating out of a rehab. I guess this wasn’t really a bad trip it was great so far and I'm looking forward to working with my group and the foster family.

-Tommy Nguyen 7/22/2013

            Been a long day I'm not going to lie. Not as hot as last year but still tiresome. Anyway it was a great day getting to know my group a bit more and great to see the women we help out. Over the years I've been doing this and now looking back through all the experiences I guess I really have grown up. I never realized it really and this year I really feel more humble and more energized to make a change in this foster mom’s life. Hopefully I can apply all that I have learned to the future.

-Paul Tran 7/22/13

This being my first mission I can honestly say I expected it to be so much different. My first day was an experience like I have never had before and was tough to finish the day. Today has been one of the best and most inspirational in a long time! At the end of day 1 I could honestly say I did not want to come back next year but today giving it another chance, I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday. Breaking out of my element has been the biggest challenge and also stepping into others lives but I wouldn’t go back and change anything I have done so far. All I am looking forward to now is the rest of the week except the day we go home!

-Erica Garl 7/23/13

We’re rampin it up! Third times a charm I guess, this being my 3rd mission trip I’ve finally got the hang of everything. With Rick and Matt as my leaders, this year our group stays entertained and laughing and smiling even after painting and building ramps in the 100 degree weather. This years mission is a lot different then the previous years but at the end of the day your still giving your time and doing whatever you can to better and to help those in need out. Just listening to the elderly people’s stories as we are building their ramps is amazing. It is all really humbling and makes you feel good. The previous woman who we built a ramp for yesterday said that she had been looking forward for this day for the last 7 months after breaking her spine in 8 places two years ago when she was 81 years old after falling off of a second story balcony! Knowing someone had waited that long for something like that is crazy. It’s amazing how such a small thing like building a ramp impacts someone life so much, and seeing how appreciative she was about it. Overall, I love doing these mission trips because you get away from your crazy everyday life for a week and get completely taken out of your comfort zone. You learn to live a life of simplicity and it really just makes you stop and think and learn to appreciate what you have in your life. It just shows that you shouldn’t take anything for granted. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Alexandria Knolles 7/23/13

This is my first mission trip and it’s not exactly what I expected. First there was yesterday when we built our first ramp for a lady who we never even got to talk to. Then we went to DQ to use the bathroom and our group had to experience solidarity, which let me tell you was very hard to do! When we finally got to the second house, it was hot, we were all tired, and most of us were already cranky. However, with the help of a big tree that gave us shade and a kind, older lady who shared her stories, we got through the day and made the best of it. Although there were some gross moments (the chicken poop and gross green/ brown liquid that ended up on my hand), it was a good experience. Today we worked hard in finishing our work and got to learn more about Lowell, the man who taught us to built the ramps. How some people can be so selfless and volunteer their works is such an inspiration to us all. So far, although the work was hard and the sun was very hot, Mission has become an experience I will  never forget and has taught me how even though you may not want to, living with solidarity and in simplicity can make the world a much better place. Ramp it up!

~Kelly Spratt 7/23/13

I'm on my first mission trip and I have to say it has already had its ups and downs. One of the ups I have to say was when I was at a house with Josh, Erica, Alex, and Rick to paint a stairway way for an elderly couple so they could get around the house better, but we also ended up helping them out more by putting in their a/c for them, which I'm thankful we did for them b/c first: they looked so happy! Second: we also got to cool off for a minute! Now one of the downs was when we went to this kind old lady’s house who had 18 kid and lord only know how many great grandkids, the down was that there was a ton wasp and stuff to throw away which was both scary to be around that many wasp and to be throwing away some the decaying plants that had to be chucked, some of which smelled, but I got used to it. I also got to experience some of what I would like to call, “the most awesome wisdom and stories from a man named Lowell who is a magic man with tools!” And learned a lot about what he did in New Orleans and just how he is just so selfless of a person to go down there and help with the clean up and how he is helping others today! So far in the all the work I've done I feel that I'm starting to understand what I was came down to Yakima to do and I feel that I'm doing a good job with it. I can’t wait to see what I come leave with now and what’s coming down in the rest of the week.
P.s: I'm happy that I haven’t burnt yet!
-Dirk Healy 7/23/13
Today has been one of the longest days of my entire life. This is my first time going on mission ever. It has been everything i've expected so far and more. I've met a handful of new people as well as rekindling with some friendships within our own church group. The first official day of going out and doing hard work was not as bad as i expected it to be. I expected myself to be passed out from heat exhaustion..but i didn't! Meeting the home owner and her foster kids were interesting. It's nice helping her out while she's helping out her foster kids. Many of my team mates have good things to say about the family. I'm excited to see our progress on the house and the relationship we will build with Sharon and her kids with it only being the first day. Okay bye.

-Gretchen Lirio 7/22/13

Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Yakima Mission is Underway!

Once again our youth and adults have journeyed to Yakima, Washington for another week of service and growth. Please pray for the team and watch this blog for updates throughout the week.

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