Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thursday, July 26th, 2013

It’s my second time being involved with the parish’s activity and so far it is one of the best summers I’ve experienced so far. However my first impression of Yakima Mission was far different from what I’m experiencing right now and I’m glad I came instead of backing out. St. Stephen community has given me their greatest respect and kindness overall regardless of my religious opinion. I never worked with home or ever yet touched these types of tools. From this mission, I learned how to work with tools that I never ever touched in my life, work well with my life, and appreciate my life. I also learned to not be judgmental, work in horrible condition place (I hate to be dirty) and be more polite to others. Again I’m glad I decided to do Yakima Mission, because it’s one of my best experience I’ve ever experience. I’m glad I’m helping others and I’m glad I’m representing St. Stephen. I can’t wait to do Yakima Mission next year, the week is going by fast.
- John Nguyen 7/25/2013
This is my second time being on mission since last year. I've found going on mission that I love helping people and I love to be able to see the happiness in others eyes when we go out and fix their house. This week I've been working on this ladies house that needed a lot of things done such as a new ceiling in 2 rooms and a lot of painting and patching up holes but it’s been a lot of fun getting to know her and her family. She has two sons with some mental disabilities, and on the second day one of them came up and offered us some burritos which was so nice of him! I loved getting to know her and hear all her stories that she had to tell us. One day during our lunch father Ed came and ate with Leona and all of our gang. I was great having him there. But it was also great for Leona as well because there was finally someone there to talk to her because we were all busy working on her house. Leona is one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met, she is loving and she always puts people before her. For the past couple days we have been making her a sandwich and some fruit for her for lunch so she can eat with us and enjoy the company. It is so nice to get away and be able to help the people in need who are truly in need and not just people scamming you, I loved being able to come down here and see the smile on others faces when you are there out of the kindness of your heart to help them out. I am ecstatic about coming back next year for my last and finally year of mission, and I cant wait to see all the faces on people when we are there helping them! Mission 2014 come faster please!
-- Natalie Ledvina 7/25/13

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