Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Barb M.

It’s truly hard to believe how fast a week at Mission can pass. Northwest Harvest was more than I expected. I knew I would sort or break down food in bulk. I knew I would distribute food at a food bank. I knew I might paint or go pick at an orchard. We did all those things but there was more beyond the meeting of those who would benefit from your labors and possibly hearing their stories. We had the opportunity to pick cherries in the orchard. We were only in the hot sun for maybe two hours but it was enough to experience the heat and difficulty of picking. Between all of us we only picked enough for a salary of about $5.00! Lesson learned. Jacklyn from Northwest Harvest taught us so much about those who pick to the point it reaches our plate and the wonder of God’s work in that whole process. We also were well aware we could never support ourselves in the field! We learned through other’s stories how they got where they were yet so many had hope, pride and faith. I have never received as many “thank you’s” in a week. Families came together and supported each other and what they didn’t need they didn’t take. There was no greed at all in the line. And , for me, every year I attend Mission I am in awe of our teens. All of you have much to be proud of. They are truly carrying God’s love in their hearts. Be always thankful for your family and what you have in your teens and the rest of your family.
Barb Miller

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