Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tuesday July 21: White Swan

Tuesday July 21, 2009

Out in the white swan reservation,
Hangin’ in the sun, but it’s no vacation.
A cute little elderly lady is whom we are helping now,
She has a young spirit, and a heart filled with love.
15 minutes till our day is done,
But in reality, when we get back, our work has only just begun.
It’s Tuesday as we speak,
But we have already done so much; it feels like it’s been a week.
Finishing the work that week one left us to do,
But were tuff kids, so we’ll make it through.
Kicking my feet up in shade,
Out on the front porch where we just stained.
We got new sinks, and showers too,
But we still have so much left to do.
We miss our family and friends,
And most definitely, our non-inflated beds.
In a t-shirt and jeans, Father Ed drove for miles,
As well as Grace Daniels, who gave us all smiles.
So much more I could write, but it’s time to go,
I think my group thinks I type to slow.
We miss you all, we will be back soon,
Take care, and stay cool, and remember we love you.

-Hope Van Bruggen

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