Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 Mission Week 1 - Day 1

Today (Monday) was the first day that we were to view our sites and begin to work. We took a little longer than I expected because of our store stop and Dan misread the directions twice, but after that we swiftly recovered and arrived at our site. When we first arrived, they looked like a typical family with cars and a house. However once we met her we began to look more carefully about her problems. Her bathrooms had been neglected for years and many plants had been overgrown and overtaken her yard. We divided into two main groups, those who worked on the bathroom that included Will and myself, and outside which was everyone else. The goals for today were for us to remove an old shower that had taken on a lot of damage and other problems with piping. At first it was tough but it ended up coming up pretty easily. Underneath were lots of rat droppings and old insulation. We cleaned that up and managed to remove part of the piping. We then later set our sites on the bathtub scraping out lots of minerals and unbolted it for us to remove it tomorrow. Along with that tomorrow we will be removing the floor, installing a new shower, and working on installing shelving units for the bathroom.

Much Obliged,

Luke Kemper

Today is day one. Today I had to take out a shower. It wasn’t too bad.

Will Dittmar

Today is day one. We spent the whole day sorting fruit, getting it ready for the food bank we are going to. Even though it wasn’t exiting we had fun talking and joking around and helping Northwest Harvest.

Mike Prelsnik

Wow! It was the first time I actually got to experience and see what it would be like to live in poverty. I felt like I was on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I met this tiny little old lady named Catherine who lived by herself out in the middle of nowhere. The bathroom we have to re-model hasn’t been used in 8 years because it is in such bad shape!! There is literally a layer of rusty buildup all over the bathtub, toilet, and shower. I got stuck digging and pulling weeds amongst the wasp nests and spiders! We shall see how the rest of the week turns out!

Mrs. Redmond told me to blog…so here I am mom! Haha

Lots of Love,

Elizabeth Rodland

Today, day one, was very eventful. Working at Northwest Harvest, we worked sorting food; mainly produce. Most of the time was spent separating good cherries from rotted and very nasty cherries. Not that fun. Tomorrow we will be working at a food bank, and the day after that possibly picking the now dreaded and feared cherries. Getting up early and staying up late aren’t working for me. (I prefer staying up late and sleeping in.) AND cold showers do not work for me. Other then that, I’ve made new friends (GASP) and am getting along with those I already know. I LOVE MISSION!!!

Not tired, but trying to stay awake-
-Kelcie Hollingsworth

Today was my first day of mission. My experience at today’s site surpassed any expectations I had for this mission trip. The people there were so generous and nice because they provided us with snacks such as watermelon, cinnamon rolls, and ice tea. The work was really fun. Super tough, but extremely fun. I had no idea that I had the potential to build a ramp. I can’ wait for tomorrow's work.

It is windy. It is dusty. I am sleeping on the ground. What a great experience! I am amazed at the work ethic, compassion and camaraderie of our teens. They give so much of themselves to help each other and those they do not know. Mike Dullenty

Today we went out to build handicap ramps. It was an amazing experience. The family was so welcoming to us when we first arrived. They offered food and drinks. Here we were supposed to be helping them and they were helping us. They were willing to participate in opening prayer with us and be a part of the entire experience. All of the teens were so willing to help and jumped right in. There was so much excitement. In all the excitement they were also willing to share the work with everyone so that each had an opportunity to give. It was such a blessing to be part of such an experience. I can’t wait for tomorrow to meet a new family when we build at the next place. Pam Redmond

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Everything sounds great, and the ramp looks awesome!!!

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