Friday, July 24, 2009

White Swan: P.J. Crowley

This year has been my first mission, and it has been very enjoyable! My first day I was somewhat nervous about what to expect, but I was happy to see a cute little lady, named Katherine, who needed help around her house. We started with staining her deck, and shortly learned that although there were many things to do not all of us could do them. So on Thursday half of our group went to a new site to do yard work for a lady named Lucielle. She charmed us with her cute puppies and personality! Her yard was overcome with weeds which we conquered! It was a hard task but we finished weeding and tearing out her deck in two days. This week has taught me many things such as, humility, hard work, appreciation, friendship and much more. Throughout my life I have been completly blessed and am very thankful for the opportunity to come this week!! Our leaders have been awesome and we are all very lucky that they took time out of their lives to be with during this week of awesomeness!

peace out st stephens,

PJ Crowley

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