Friday, July 24, 2009

Northwest Harvest: Tim

So far mission has been really fun and challenging. On Monday we went to the Northwest Harvest warehouse. We helped sort and package things for a little bit before we went to a farm called Thompson’s Farm where we picked cherries (mostly binge) for three and a half hours. It is called gleaning when you pick, harvest, and package food, but we only picked the cherries. It became boring after awhile, but then I began to think about people who have to do this to support their families and how much harder that would be. We also ate a little, and they were great. On Tuesday Northwest Harvest sent them to the Moses Lake Food Bank. Tuesday we went to the OIC Food Bank here in Yakima, which is the largest one in the valley. From about 10 am to 2 pm we helped distribute food to people in need. I helped one blind man, which was cool because I got to talk to him. I also helped an older lady who needed help to carry her bags to her house. She kept saying that her apartment was very close and just across the street, but it really was not. We probably walked at least 12 blocks to her apartment, but that was okay because while walking I learned a lot about her. She has four kids (two girls and two boys) and they are all grown-up and married. She does not want to ask them for help because she does not want to bother them, but if I were them I would feel ashamed that my mother is all alone and no family support even though they she has four kids that can help her. It has been really tiring thus far, but I feel great because I get to help people who are less fortunate become fortunate.

Tim Denby

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