Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friday July 29, Mission week 2

Friday, Yakima, week two, 2011

So today we went and cleaned out three different peoples homes. When we went to the first place the little thirteen year old boy asked to kiss both me and charlotte. (we said no) then we had gone to shirley’s home and she had just gone through a series of surgeries and was not able to upkeep her yard, so I went to town with the ho. The women had a grandson who was involved in a gang so she had basically taken in his daughter like one of her own. She was the kind of woman who was not physically capable of watching us work she still was doing whatever she could with the use of one arm. By time that we had left her other grandson had even started to pitch in with the weeding. The last place w3e had gone was to this elder woman’s home, her name was Anna and she baked us cookies. By that time we had all been really used to the heat and we just wanted to get the job done. I haven definitely taken a lot from this experience especially since after four years I will not be returning to young neighbors. Every summer this has been the thing I look forward to and it will be sad to not come back. I hope that in the future I will be welcome to come back as a leader because this has been one of my favorite high school experiences.
Morgan Boyle

As a first comer to mission this year I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was a little excited but more nervous. I expected this to be a not so fun week and be strictly work and prayer, which was part of it but I got a lot more out of this than I had expected. This was one of the hardest weeks of my summer but one of the most memorable. I’ve never worked so hard in my life but had so much fun doing it. Sure there were some highs and lows in each day but every day was worth it. My group really made this a great week for me and pushed me through my low moments. We did a lot of yard work and painting this week which was a little challenging with the weather. Yesterday we helped a lady named Amanda and she really inspired me, I stayed inside and did basic cleaning because she had heart and other health problems which prevented her from doing them herself, she had to be one of the sweetest people, we had some great conversations. I’d have to say this was by favorite memory from summer so far.
Madison Cloyd

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