Thursday, July 28, 2011

Greetings from Yakima!

Howdy! :)

It's been a long yet rewarding week so far, and the weather has been warm and sunny. I'm working around the city of Yakima doing various types of work, from weeding to housework. So far, we've been to six different sites in four days, and I think my entire group is running itself into the groud with how hard we've been working. Exhaustion is setting in as we face our final day of work, and I'm reminded that I have to say goodbye to all of my new friends I've met here at Holy Family and from those that I've made in my own work group. I cant beleive that this is my last mission. I'm definitely going to be sad to leave and I'm going to miss everyone!

With much love,
Kelcie Hollingsworth

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