Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Time in Yakima!

Hey there! This blog is brought to you by the people here at Yakima who are awesome enough to let all the teens blog and instantly let eveyone know whats up!

For the past week I have resided in a general maitinace group, which may sound boring and not very helpful, but some of the people we cleaned for truly could not keep the conditions of their house up to regular living standards by themselves. Thats where we came in, we vaccumed swept, weeded, mopped, wipped and sprayed our way through 6 sights.

One would think that doing all of this work, we would be the ones to bring hope to the people who we cleaned for. Instead they ended up being hope for us and the light that guided us through our long hot days. Even though many of them had smaller, messier homes than the kids here in Mission, they were always very welcoming and enthusiastic, encouraging and inspiring us to continue the work even though we were exhausted and sweaty.

Today I weeded more than i ever thought possible, but with every weed i added to the pile, i felt a sense of accomplishment and joy because i knew that this was all part of God's plan, even though it involved me getting tired and dirty.

I hope that myself and all the people here will continue this mission throughout their lives and be the light for their families and friends so that they will want to know the Lord.

With lots of love
From Casey Miller

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