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Week 1 Thusday, 2011

Thursday Blog
This day was pretty fantastic! Hahaha today we really had to kick it into gear with what needed to get done. We still need the second coat of paint on the outside of the house as well as the eves and all the trim, plus the lattice. We have lots to accomplish and it would mean the world for Bonita (the lady we are helping) if we could get it all done tomorrow. However this week was really good!! When we first got to the res we met Bonita and her daughter, along with the neighbor dog Cowboy. He was sweet…then there was it, the most annoying kitty of my life, hard to paint around it with the constant meowing and always being around. I feel really glad and accomplished for the work that was done this week. I am so glad that I came this week!!
Miranda Hruby

This week, I have been working on the reservation on a lady named Bonita’s house. Our main jobs were to weed the yard, paint the house, and fix the roof, part of which had been destroyed in a recent storm. Because I know next to nothing about roofs, I have been focusing on the first two jobs. On Monday, I learned that weeding can actually be fun (mom, dad, you can ignore this part). The feeling of pulling out a huge weed is awesome! The rest of the week thus far has been spent on painting, which I also did not know much about previously. Going into the job, I figured it would take maybe 2 days to complete painting the outside of the house. This was a huge underestimate because we have been painting all day since Tuesday, and we still have lots to finish tomorrow. However, we have all been working hard to get it done, and hopefully it will be by the end of tomorrow. I can’t wait to see Bonita’s reaction to the finished house!
Jessica Hendricks

Tough day today, painted a lot had a Mexican fiesta and danced wearing a sombrero! Tomorrow is Friday wooooohoooo. I’m going to miss Bonita she is a great women and I’m happy I helped rebuild her house. Oh yeah and I have to cook pancakes on Saturday not looking forward to that. I had a fun week see you Saturday after noon.
Blake Cerna

Getting close to wrapping up a wonderful week on my first ever Mission, I have enjoyed working with the kids so much. They are truly amazing. Our site has had some pretty difficult work including pulling weeds in the hot sun, painting the exterior of the house and repairing the roof. The kids have an amazing willingness to try new things and work tirelessly all while keeping things fun and light. I know they work hard, because every day on our 1 hour ride home, they fall asleep after about 5 minutes (all of them). Thank God for diet Coke. Yesterday, I took my first ‘ice blocking’ trip down a large grass hill at a park nearby. I really enjoyed the ride. That was kind of symbolic of the whole trip. Took a chance and had a great thrill.
Steve Redmond

I love being here with our St. Stephen’s teens. They are amazing, fun, generous, loving and hard- working young people. Sharing this experience with them is one of God’s greatest graces. I hope and pray this week has transformed their lives, renewed their faith and filled their hearts with love.
La paz, Debbie Dullenty
It’s been slow these past couple of days, as you can tell I missed blogging yesterday. Wednesday was “Hump Day” at camp. Everyone is exhausted from the constant routine of session, work, dinner and session. How the camp handles such a beaten and week crew is by taking everyone to the Park and Swimming Pool for some R&R (Rest and Relaxation). Now it is Thursday and everyone is feeling the effects from yesterday. Everyone is waking up late; evident by the “early bird” crew (& adults) I drink coffee with at the table. However, everyone is fresh and ready to take on another challenge. For Team Oui!, we spent the morning at Lowell’s house waiting for a shipment of lumber and prepping for another ramp we were to make for the day. (Our group is doing an extra because we finished our three ramps ahead of schedule). We met a wonderful woman named Mardella, who was the sweetest lady. Again, we finished the ramp again in time. I want to say thank you to my sponsors. To my family, I love you. To Pam (for making me type at super speeds). Finally to my friend Kelly, who is following me, Thank You and high!
Edelmar Navaluna
This year’s Mission trip has been, once again, one of the best weeks of my life. I’m working with my mom, Pam, and Debbie at the ramp site. Our team has succeeded in building two two-day ramps in one day each, and we’ve gotten really good at working as a team to finish each ramp at a fast pace while still putting all our effort into making them look good. Today we met a woman who lived alone and whose family lived far away from her. She loved talking to all of us and shared a bit of her life with us. She talked to me about her family and how she is so proud of all of them. I’ve also connected really well with the people on my team, and also with Lowell, the man who helps us with our ramps. He’s a man with very good graces and shares his humor and wisdom with us. I’m sad that this week is coming to an end, but it makes everything worth it when I look back and think about each person’s smiling face as they took in what we did for them.
Brittany Redmond
I finally get to blog again because yesterday, we had mass with Father Ed so there was no time for blogging for anyone. I’m still thoroughly enjoying my Mission trip though. Sessions, prayers, and meals are getting better and better with each passing day. This also applies to work on the reservation as crews continue to accomplish greater tasks. For our group on the reservation, more painting, trimming, and porch repairs progress further into satisfactory results. If I’m not mistaken, I’m sure everyone is developing a sense of accomplishment. Today was Culture Day and we celebrated the Mexican culture with a fiesta for dinner and a dancing performance.
Overall, today was another pretty good day. I’m glad that Rick and Fr. Ed could make it down to visit us here. Again, I’d like to say that I’m blessed to have such a great group. They have all been maker my time here in Yakima a lot of fun as well as easier for me when it comes to work. Their support and openness allows me to be able to step outside of my comfort zone to become a little bit more social towards others. But I’d like to quickly thank everyone that has supported me on this trip as well as those who have allowed me to go on Mission. I thank you all! Mission allows me to grow in faith together with everyone as I learn more about God’s relationship with us. We are quickly approaching the end of the week and I look forward to a faithful and meaningful conclusion.
-Kenny Pham

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