Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday at Mission

It’s always hard to write an introduction, especially when it isn’t your first time in Mission. As some of you may know, last year was my first Mission Trip. What I got out of it was an eye-opening experience and I wanted to come back next year. Now, I’m back working on ramps with my leaders Pam and Debbie. Of course this year will be completely different from the last, because I know how everything works and operates. I’m not claiming to be a “Veteran” at this; those are entitled to those who have been doing Mission for four years. I would rather classify myself as, “Trained”. Mondays have always been slow for me and today was no exception. We started off waiting for a representative for VCS (Volunteer Chore Services) to arrive and brief us on what we are to do. As me and the group stood there waiting at camp, all of the other groups were heading out to their sites. I felt discouraged, knowing that they are already on their way to work, while we are just waiting there. However, I got to finally meet the famed Lowell, who has been working with VCS and the Ramp Team specifically for a long time. As we arrive at the first site, we started slow, but it caught on over time. Everyone was able to catch on quickly, as we measured, cut, and drilled boards together to assembly the ramp. We finished quickly, with about two hours sparing before we were to head back to camp. For the remainder of our time, we went to Lowell’s house to prep wood for tomorrow’s project, which is to be a 25ft ramp I believe. The challenge for us today was to find a connection between us and the people we served. For today, it was a smile. Everyone on the team, despite being exhausted had a smile on their face as we returned home. The man that we had built the ramp for had one of the biggest smiles I had seen in a while as he tried out the completed ramp for the first time. That is why I serve, not for the fact that I was involved in building a ramp. It isn’t for the pride. It is because I got to help someone today. I may not have changed the world today, but it is a step in the right direction. I would like to say Thank You to my sponsors who helped me is here this week and to my family, I miss you.

– Edelmar Navaluna

Wow, Mission has been a wonderful experience so far. Today was the first work day where each of the teams travels to work at their work sites. I had a great time at the Yakama Nation reservation. I am blessed this year to have such a wonderful and supportive group this year to help me start out my first year at Mission as a “Rookie.” I know already that through this week, I will be able to know God a little more and to learn to experience His true love.

At our location, we travel to a humble home in the middle of the reservation near the community center. The jobs that have been given to our group thus far are weeding, porch and roof repair, and repainting the outside of the house. So far, we’ve been tasked with fairly easy, yet tiring assignments that will keep us all busy for the next few days. Tomorrow will be when we apply the primer and cocker to the house as well as when the front yard fence needs to be repaired. On the next day, will be when we begin to paint the house. Other continuous tasks (such as weeding and the porch and roof repair) will also be done throughout the week. It will be slow because of the encounters with pesky insects and our long breaks. Rain might also prove to slow us down if it continues throughout the week. Fortunately though, the local dog population keeps us company. One such dog is Cowboy, the friendly pet of Bonita (the native owner of our location). He and his friends come in and out of the yard. We all like to pet him. There’s also another dog (whose name I have forgotten) and a cat that has probably made the most noise that I’ve seen from any cat that I’ve encountered. These are all factors that play a role in the speed of our work and in our attitudes, sort of….

Anyway, I’m having a great time here in Yakima so far because of this significant program of Young Neighbors In Action and all of the thoughtful people in it. I look forward to the rest of the week and what lies ahead.

To My Mom and Dad
I’m having a wonderful time here in Yakima and am very grateful that I was able to sign up for this important event in my life. Although it may be early to say this, I wish that may be able to come back year after year (at least until I leave for college). Also, don’t worry about me because Debbie is taking good care of me. Also, thank everyone in the family for helping to sponsor this trip. I love you!
-Kenny Pham

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stephanie said...

Glad to know that you're doing okay. We're so proud of you and we all missed you. Take good care of yourself and don't forget to use the bug spray. Say thanks to Debbie for us for taking such good care of you.

We love you
Dad, Mom, Brandon & Kayla

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