Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey there! Sammi here.I have not blogged all week and I'm sorry. Then again I do not know anyone who actually reads this. Maybe Debbie and Barb! Well hello. Today was cultural night and there was some amazing dancers. We had to learn how to tie a bow with a partner with your feet. On Monday there was a thunderstorm in White Swan. If anyone remembers that town was destroyed with a fire. Only 3 homes where rebuilt but we are started working on a different house with a lot of white paint. Today was a paint war. Our site spilt in half then we had another team join us. Paint war was started and some people got paint five starred by me. Poor kitty we met. It was so SKINNY! I feel so bad for the little thing. It was probably only two pounds. I hope I get to see grandma again. I knew she really liked me. But our group did spilt in half. I guess I should just give her a letter with some good bye words and my contact information. Tomorrow is our last day doing service. I'm going to miss everyone here... I always hate leaving and there are only a few people from the other churches that actually come back. I think I'm more rambling that actually blogging. I got some footage on the vloggging Flip Camera though. Gotta get our photos before we all leave. No one is apparently blogging anymore for the rest of the night and I don't even know what time it is anymore. I have washed my hair 7 times since this afternoon and there is still paint in my hair. By the way I would like to shout out to my Mom and Dad for their 20th anniversary. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you two. But, I'm here in spirit and call you when ever I can. They are getting mad that I am always texting the family though.. I find it rude when it's just family and a text here or there as we wait for others to get in the car. The adults are starting to organize the chairs. Maybe I need to get off of this...
Not many people are in the gym. I wish I brought my laptop so I could finish my book. I need to start to get back to work..
I wonder how this will go. I do want to keep my prayers for Father Brian and for all of those we are ALL serving. Thank you to all of your have supported and funded us to be here. It truely is a once in the life time experience.
Much love all the way from Yakima,

Sammi Nguyeb

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Barb said...

You're right, Sammi! I have been checking posts for the past two weeks! You are all truly AMAZING! I did miss going to Mission this year. Mixed emotions, sorrow not to be there, joy to see new adult leaders get hooked. I was blessed to experience all Mission has to offer for six years. Teens and adults alike learn and come home changed. All of you are a big part of it. Peace and joy to all of you! I pray all truly do take Mission home because every day God has great things planned for us. We just need to be open and accept His challenges.

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