Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 Yakima Mission

Monday, July 12th

Today was a complete eye opening experience for me on Mission. Even though the week has just begun, I have already witnessed so much in the time we spent at the reservation. While it was my first year, I have asked others what it was going to be like working here or there and I would get their response and think it through. However it was there experience not mine. As our group went up to the reservation we were all in high spirits. When we arrived however, we all took a moment to awe at the site we were going to work on. However we all worked together to get as much as we could do with what we were given and we all had the consensus that we accomplished a lot outside the house. All throughout that time we made new friends and bonded together as a team. As we all take a break here at the camp, I believe we are ready to see what is in store for us tomorrow.

Edelmar Navaluna

The first day of work this year was so much different from last year! My team was stationed at Northwest Harvest, which is an organization that supplies food to food banks around the US. We “bagged 2 elephants”! Which is our way of saying: we spent multiple hours scooping, bagging, and boxing 4 TONS of cornmeal. Although we didn’t get to see the faces of the people receiving the cornmeal and appreciating our hard work, it was simply comforting to know that each bag we made (approximately 3,000 bags total) could feed a hungry family in need. I can’t wait for more work to do. My team works so well together and we have lots of fun! OHANA 


Lizzie Rodland

So, today was our first day of going out on our sites. My group and I were assigned to Northwest Harvest. It was great to meet all the other volunteers in addition to bonding with my own group. What we did was bag cornmeal, which is given to those in need. Actually, we bagged “4 elephants” (is what we called it). The “4 elephants” is 4 tons! Yes, ladies and gentleman, 4 tons 
While we were working, I looked around me and I saw everyone working hard, laughing, and bonding; just having fun. We all were working as a team, communicating and such. I was so amazed and inspired. I had a great time.

More to come!

With Love: Jenn Ciriaco

Today we bagged 4 tons of cornmeal. I have never seen so much cornmeal or been covered with so much in my life. My group is working with Northwest Harvest. They had gotten 40 tons of cornmeal recently to give to people who need it. We bagged it up so families could eat it. Even though we worked the whole day doing the same motions I was happy to do it because it’s helping those who need it. Our team worked together very well and had a good time doing it. I am looking forward to working at the food banks tomorrow and helping more. I feel blessed to have this experience.

Christine Baker

Today was the first day of our week long mission in Yakima. We met up with the Northwest Harvesters group and were instructed that our main task was to start bagging the 40 tons of cornmeal that was recently shipped to the warehouse. Although the work was tedious, the bigger picture of the task we were given was amazing. Instead of just looking at the work as bagging up the simple substance, our group was providing food for people who aren’t able to afford the simple luxury of walking into a grocery store to buy a bag of cornmeal. We were providing for them the opportunity for survival and nutrition. In the future, I will not take little things for granted such as buying a box of cornmeal at Fred Meyers. Some people are not able to enjoy the simple task of grocery shopping and are forced by instinct of survival to travel sometimes long distances to food banks. I am looking forward to getting to know some of the people that we will benefit through our work and realize we have a long and exciting week ahead!

Chloe Miller

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