Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday 7/15/2010 Yakima Mission

Thursday, July 15th

Thursday, the week is coming to a close. Yet I am getting the clichéd feeling that we had just arrived yesterday. Looking back from the past three days, we had made a great difference to the house. When we had arrived for the first time, everything was uncomfortable, the site, the work, and the relationships. However, everything had gone through a complete turn around. The site looks great, interior and exterior, and the team is working like clockwork. Again, it all goes back to my theme of perspective. Once changed, it greatly influences others associated to it. Now we are all just waiting in the car. Waiting to arrive at the site, waiting to work.
I have returned to the van covered head to shoe in paint. Well everyone is covered in paint. Today, we had to paint the walls of the bathroom and the laundry room. I was in charge of priming all of the walls in the bathroom. Ray, who was the grandpa of the Johnson family, helped me prime the ceiling. It was an exchange of priming and painting all day. However the best part of the day, was having me, (YES ME) install a light fixture. Having NO experience in electricity, I was in charge of installing a fixture that could possibly electrocute me or set the house on fire. However Pat, who was a great teacher, gave me the basics I needed to install the fixture…We didn’t even need the instructions! The best part was when Pat said, “Let’s test it out.” He turns on the switch, with just about everyone surrounding me, and the bulb shined bright with no casualties. Now I am in the back of Debbie’s van, listening to music and playing 13. To my sponsors, again Thank You! To my family, I love you all.
Ed Navaluna

Today I woke up extra late. The tiredness is really getting to me. The only thing that keeps me going is that the kids at our work site expect to see me there. And I really want to be there for them. So I end up eating a super fast breakfast of just cereal and a glass of milk. I brush my teeth and do the morning prayer. Before I know it I am on the road heading towards the Yakima reservation. At this point the excitement is building and I can’t wait to get to work. I started off by helping griffin replace some drywall and making all kinds of important measurements. Next I got to remove some floor. After that I started scrubbing walls. After that I started painting these walls. After that I got to do some sweeping and then more dry walls. For some reason doing this type of work at my house would have put me in a sad mood. But when I am doing it for somebody else it puts me in the happiest mood ever. I love the reservation

AJ Flanigan

It’s Thursday and the end of the week is coming up. Today I had a hard time waking up. I think that the weeks work is catching up with me. But the work I am doing for the Johnson family gives me an incredible feeling. I’m working with and for the whole family who has to live in the poverty that I could never imagine living in. Today I painted a lot around the house. Mainly in the bathroom and in the laundry room. Also I repaired two holes in the wall with sheet rock. The thing that amazes me is that if I was home and I was doing this work, it would kill me and I would be bored out of my mind. But working out on the reservation with my group and the Johnson family time seems to fly by. Like today the first thought I had about the time, was Pat telling that it was lunch time. Working out on the reservation has been great and the rest of the week I expect the same.

Sean Redmond

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