Thursday, July 22, 2010

Northwest Harvest - Nathan

This week has been quite the handfull for me. I am working at the Northwest Harvest site, and almost every day we have had to sort onions. Every once in a while though we have gone to local food banks to help stock the food or serve the food. The work is pretty repetitive as we have to help unload and carry the packages of food to and from the food bank.
At the place where we stay, I have had a lot of fun meeting new people, and talking to the ones that I became good friends with last year. The numbers are also a lot shorter than the previous year for the whole group, dropping from around 140 to the 50s. In some ways, this has been great because I get to spend more time with my friends, but I do not get as much of an opportunity to talk to other people.

Nathan M

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