Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to Mission

Helllooo Everyone.
Whoever is reading this, thank you so much for wanting to see what we are doing here and all the changes we are helping make this week and thank you for blessing us.
Sunday was an amazing day. Mostly everyone toke naps including me on the way here. But once we all got here, it felt like home. We were all energized and excited to get started. This week is a smaller week so there arent as many people, but I think I like it this way because there is this closeness with everyone and it's like a family feeling. Sunday's prayer went great and the music was awesome. We played a few ice breaker games and I got to know people from even my own church better. I honestly feel like I only left for a week and now I am back, this feels like home and I am so happy to be here and to be helping people that need me to help them. Thank You and God Bless Everyone.
Urmika Tejpaul

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