Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mission So Far...

This mission has so far been very exciting, I have met many new people from other churches. I have come to find that peeople will travel far to help others...many of which came from California. I have really been touched this week because I have come into close conact with people who care about others just as much as I do and are willing to give up a week of there summer just so they can help many people survive another day. I was stationed at North West Harvest and I was a little bummed because I really wanted to build ramps for people or fix up peoples houses. When I found out that I was on the NWH I was thinking that it was just my building just sorting. But now that I have come to know the people that I am working with I would never in a life time dream of switching my job, being on this job has exposed me to the other side of helping others. At NWH I did have to sort big containers of food, mostly small sweet onions, although I probably will never want to lay eyes on another onion again I had lots of fun! The First day was filled of putting "good" onions into boxes, and getting rid of all the nasty unedible ones. The second, third and fourth days my group and I went to foods banks to help them out with some packing, and sorting and even gardening. But the second half of the work day we resided at NWH where we continued to pack food into boxes. There was another group of kids that came to help us out for about an hour on the second, third and fourth days, they were from a foster care program that was allowing them to have real life job experiences, it was fantastic meeting them and getting to know some of them. Although their life may be challenging with the experiences they must have gone through, to me they are just other people needing someone in their life to care...just needing a friend in the world. I believe that if you talk to peolpe in a way that shows dignity then they will feel more accepted in the world, feel more like a human being. I am so glad I was able to experience this wonderful way of helping and plan on coming back as long as i can!

Miranda H

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