Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday at Mission

Helloo Everyone :)
Thursday at Mission has beeen so fun yet so tiring.
At NorthWest Harvest Im sad to say we have one more day left because we all feel so close to the staff and we cant believe mission is almost over. But first, earlier today we went to a food bank and helped them out. I was talking to the people and helping them with their bags and I helped serve. It was lots of fun. I met some really nice people and I loved helping them. Then we came back to NorthWest Harvest and started packaging cucumbers! It felt nice because they were cold and the weather was so hot. Some other kids were there from a program called "Get Set". They are foster kids but I didnt find that out until yesterday. I made some really close friends. It was sad hearing their story but they are glad they are in a better place. Today was our last day working with them and I hope the best for them because they have been great friends to me this week.
God Bless.
Urmika Tejpaul

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