Thursday, July 22, 2010

Northwest Harvest, Thursday

This week working at Northwest Harvest has been great fun. My team is full of welcoming and open people. We hyave had some good conversations, as we sorted all kinds of stuff, from nasty broken cans of corn to the onions which no one wants to see ever again, and there are 8 more bins of those. But along with working in the warehouse where there are volunteers from other organizations as well, sorting and packaging items to go out to food banks, we have also gone out to help at the food banks. Today we got to work at Out Daily Bread food bank just down the road. While talking to people as they picked up food I got to practice some spanish and the time just flew by. It was nice to see some of the faces that goes with this great need. Lisa said on the first day that this Northwest Harvest helps feed over 30,000 families in the central Washington area. All in all i have a great team and a great loction to be working on my last year as a teen mission participant. And if God wills I will be back as an adult team leader in 3 years.

Sarah C

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