Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Northwest Harvest, Tuesday

I've learned a LOT about food banks over the past two days...where the food comes from, where it's sent to, how it's distributed to the food banks, and who is in need of the services that the banks provide. In the Yakima area alone, about 100,000 people are dependent on Northwest Harvest to supply them with food. That's why Northwest Harvest needs volunteers like us!!! :) Our team is headquarted at the main distribution warehouse for Northwest Harvest in Central Washington. Yesterday we spent the entire day at the warehouse, bagging about 1,400 bags of cornmeal and sorting through bins of canned corn. At the warehouse, we met a guy named Matthew who brightened up our work experience with his AMAZING hip-hop dancing! Today we got to meet even more interesting people as we went to help out at a food/clothing bank that gets their supplies from Northwest Harvest. All of us are excited to see what the rest of the week brings. :)

Leilani B.

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