Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday 7/22- North West Harvest Briana Jackson

North West Harvest has been such an amazing experience for me. Last year i did the reservation so this is way different then what I have done before. We spend most of our time sorting foods such as onions, cucumbers, cans of corn, and blackberries or "bushberries" as they are called here. When food shelters are open we will drive over there and help them do whatever they need. On Tuesday Kristen, Nathan and I sorted clothes into winter and summer piles, while others weeded and bagged beans and rice. While we were there on Tuesday, we also got to try some pinapple juice. There was this lady that was going around to the volunteers giving people some of here juice, and it was so good. I have never had better juice! On Wednesday we went to a different food shelter and helped bag frozen vegetables. Today we went back to that same food shelter as the one we went to Wednesday, and passed out food to people. I passed out beef stew until I got upgraded to beef stew AND bottles of water! There I got a chance to interact with a lot more people like the volunteers that were there. I like hearing stories and being with people so I loved doing that. While we've been here, there have been a group of people here also that help North West Harvest also. These are people that are under foster/kinship care. I got to know a boy names Aaron who is a dancer as well. He is so funny and he has the funniest stories to tell. I also got to talk to his friend Pablo on Wednesday. Even though I dont get to do one on one stuff with families like the reservation, I am loving North West Harvest. I have such a great group on my site, and we all get along. Grace has such a mom like presence, and Kristen has such a great humor, so they are the perfect leaders. Im bonding a lot with people I never would've talked to otherwise so I'm really glad I am here. Even though I miss my family, its gonna be hard to leave! Can't wait for cultural night tonight!

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Dan said...


We are so glad you are having such a great experience and thanks for making this post.

See you soon!

Love, Mom and Dad

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